Heartwarming Kiss

Heartwarming Kiss


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Su Yunxiu fell in love with a person when she was a freshman, and the other party took the initiative to pursue it. The two decided to be together in their second year. After graduating from college, they stayed together silently for four years, gradually honing her gentleness and patience.

In the face of the gossip, Su Yunxiu willingly endured it.

At the birthday party, Su Yunxiu stood at the door of the half-closed room, listening to the laughter inside, only to realize that they were his plan from the very beginning, and she was just a bet between them.

At the moment when the truth came, she deleted all the man’s contact information, and took the initiative to pack up and make room to leave.


After breaking up, Su Yunxiu began to concentrate on her career and only wanted to make money. Seeing that the girl became more and more outstanding, Xu Mu was itching to get it back, and she blocked her way from get off work full of joy. Su Yunxiu sneered: “This gentleman, you are a good dog Get in the way, you’re in the way.”

Xu Mu: “…”

Behind her, there was a handsome and handsome man wearing a mask, slowly coming to her side, hugging the girl intimately and possessively, with a low and sweet voice: “Xiuxiu, we should go home.”

The girl passed him by without even giving him a look.

Young Master Xu, who stayed where he was, turned red as a joke.

Before she knew Yu Wenci, her world was gloomy and gloomy. After knowing him, the man devoted his whole life to gently and completely cleared away the unease in her heart, and let her laugh freely in his world.

He once said, “Little girl, why are you so embarrassed every time we meet?”

“Okay, stop pretending, cry if you want to, and won’t laugh at you, what are you doing?”

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