I’m picking up treasure chests in the zombie world

I’m picking up treasure chests in the zombie world


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When Zhang Ye was revisiting the classic zombie film series, he accidentally crossed and not only became a disciple of Ninth Uncle, but also bound a treasure chest system.

“Female ghost Dong Xiaoyu! I just came to pick up a treasure chest, your true destiny is my senior brother, I warn you to hurry up and get dressed, otherwise I will beat you in the name of Maoshan Taoist! ”

“What? How many gold chests did Master Ren brush in the vault where the family property was stored? I’ll be there soon! ”

“Tingting, I’m a serious Taoist priest who scavenges the way of exorcising demons, and I just came to your room to get a treasure chest, and I definitely didn’t come to peek at your changing clothes!” By no means! ”

“This diamond treasure chest was actually brushed in the copper horn golden coffin of the royal zombie?! Still held in the arms of royal zombies?! ”

Take! Must take! Nothing can stop me from picking up the treasure chest!

Feilu Fiction Network Original Novel: “I Pick Up Treasure Chests in the Zombie World”; This novel and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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