Pirate’s General Tiger

Pirate’s General Tiger


312 Chapters Completed Status
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“Brother D Roger, your next move will set off a chaotic era, causing people to lose their lives, and the situation of pirate disaster. Are you sure you want to do this?” “Waldo, the world destroyer, your crime no longer requires any forgiveness and tolerance. Death is your only end!” “Red dog, what you have done has violated the word justice, stop immediately! Otherwise, in the name of naval justice, I will immediately punish you!” “Five Stars, your atrocities in the past hundreds of years have violated justice. Please get out of Mary Joa and accept the people’s trial!” Tang En, who gained the military soul system, gradually discovered that this world was completely different from what he originally thought. In the battlefield where artillery and blood are intertwined, only the navy is justice! And he, code-named Wen Hu, is the most powerful general in the Navy ever! All violations of justice and the existence of three unjust ideas will be his enemies! - Description from Qidian Details


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