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The value of a wizard in war far exceeds that of a knight. If the knight is the flower of the battlefield, the wizard is the god of the battlefield.

Powerful firepower that can unilaterally attack enemies from a distance. If magic had been a discipline that anyone could enter, the appearance of war would have changed to shooting magic from hiding under walls or trenches.

This condition does not change even after reaching the level of Master, so the wizard of the Pentacle Star is treated more preciously than the Aura Master.

“—You finally showed up. Peacock.”

“Damn it, Chantalka… … .”

However, that was the realm of ‘war’. If you come down to the realm of combat and tactics, a wizard can never beat a knight.

It was also the reason why the barbarians couldn’t capture the northern great wall guarded by the master-level wizard, the duke, and the reason why the duke didn’t directly step out and wipe out the barbarians, but instead just fired magic from the top of the wall.

If you go to war, the duke side with a lot of magicians has an advantage, but if you go to battle… … .

“Now we can put an end to this bloody war. Isn’t it?”

aura master. The great warrior cannot defeat the existing barbarians. Chantalka hasn’t been seen lately, and it was a mistake to jump down in surprise when Kyle, who should have been in the center, appeared.

The duke looked at Chantalka with a hard expression.

“You damn savage child.”

“ha ha ha! So, are you ready to be robbed by those savages now?”

Sreung- Chantalka drew the sword hanging from her waist. It wasn’t made of steel, it was a sword made from the bones of monsters across the north.

The blade wasn’t very sharp like a sword made of bone, but it didn’t matter that much to the Aura Master. Standing in front of an aura blade that cuts through everything it touches.

Hwareuk-! A pure white aura rises like a flame. As the duke bit his lip, feeling death intuit, Kyle stood in his way.


“Your Excellency, that- is there any way to stop it?”

“… The only thing that can stop an aura blade is the same aura blade.”

“It’s unfortunate.”

If the Duke had a means to block the Aura Blade, he thought that he and the Duke would be able to send the author away.

This place was right in front of the large intestine wall, and it was a situation where I could escape if I climbed a little.

However, if there is no means to block the Aura Blade—it’s a pity… … .

“You go first. Your Excellency the Duke.”

“What is that—.”

“It is better for one to die than both…” Even if I die, if the Duke survives, I can stop that son, but if the Duke dies, the person who is here in the great wall. Everyone dies.”

When he thought rationally and rationally——it was right for him to sacrifice himself here.

However, the duke didn’t think so, he only stiffened his expression and did not stand up from the spot.


When Kyle shouted, the Duke started to move. And Chantalka, who saw that, spat out a fuss as if it was funny.

“Do you think they will let you go?”

At this time, Chantalka ran towards the duke, not paying attention to Kyle’s presence. He thought that something like an expert-level knight who wasn’t even an Aura Master could harm him.

Indeed it was. The aura master’s body naturally flows aura just by breathing, and it has a level of resilience that allows it to laugh at the sword wielded by an expert.

He was able to block even stronger attacks by deliberately emitting auras from his body. Right before the fight with the duke, it seemed that he wouldn’t waste his aura like that.

‘can do.’

Kyle picked up the sword that was rolling on the floor, blocked Chantalka’s way, and brought his sword to his blade.

It was a sword with an aura, but in front of the aura blade, it couldn’t hold out even for a moment and started to be cut off.

However, Aura Blade had structural weaknesses.


Laying down the half-cutting sword, he aimed for the sword side of Chantalka’s sword. Unlike the blade of a sword with an aura blade that cuts through anything it touches, there is no cutting force on the blade.

If the aura was drained generously, everything the blade touched could be burned, but Chantalka didn’t waste the aura.

Kyle thrust the half-cut sword into the blade of Chantalka’s sword, and with force, pushed Chantalka’s sword aside.


very little That little twist was enough. Chantalka’s sword missed the peacock, and with a moment’s gap, the peacock flew through the sky and jumped up to the top of the large wall.

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No matter how much I become a master, I don’t chase after a magician who has risen to the sky. Because it’s just a one-sided hit.

Chantalka, who missed the Duke because of a single article he ignored, burst into laughter.

“Funny. fun.”

Chantalka, who had been laughing for a while, got rid of her laughter and glared fiercely at Kyle.

“Things in the world don’t go my way, but… … To such a kid.”

The next moment, Kyle was blown away with a shock as if he had been hit by a truck. Perhaps his intestines had exploded, and along with the pain of bleaching his head, clots of blood spurted out.

Kyle, who had been rolling on the floor for a while, struggled to regain his balance and stood up, and as he did, Chantalka appeared in front of him.

“This golden opportunity.”


the sword flies Kyle reflexively raised his sword and blocked the blow. However, Chantalka, as if expecting the sword to be blocked before it could be blocked, immediately reversed its trajectory and struck Kyle on the thigh.

Feeling a dull pain, Kyle fell to the floor on one knee. A strong shock followed again to his stomach, which had collapsed.

‘f*ck, I’m going to die… … .’

It feels like a soccer ball. Kicked, beaten with a sword, cut, sliced-.

All of them were attacks full of intentions to harass, not to kill oneself. I could indirectly feel Chantalka’s anger at missing the duke.


Kyle, kicked and blown away, spewed out pieces of internal organs and stood up. I must have shed too much blood, my mind was dizzy.

The eyes don’t look right. The moment he blinked his unfocused eyes, Kyle could see the blade of the sword swinging at his head.


The only thing that saved Kyle from the danger of his life was none other than the swordsmanship he had accumulated throughout his life. I let go of the sword without the aura, and I raised the sword in the same posture as I was letting go.

Maoyi type 4 type emperor status.

The king’s blow that brings everything in the world to its knees is thrust down. Having received the title of emperor, Chantalka looked at Kyle with exclamation.

“Ho-oh, you’re using an interesting technique.”

Raising the sword above her head, Chantalka grinned and swung it down as Kyle had done.

“Are you doing this?”

Wei 僞 emperor status 帝王格.

The exact same, or even more threatening, blow that Kyle used hit Kyle. Unlike Kyle, who was unable to use the sword consecutively after using it only once, Chantalka, the master, continued to strike the sword.

Quaang-! Kwaaang-! The shock that seemed to break both arms continued to pour down.

“Do you think that this kind of trick will work for Master?”

Saying that, Chantalka looked at the trembling Kyle. A body that looked like it was about to die at any moment, and the opposite of that—- eyes that still didn’t give up came into his field of vision.

Chantalka would have raised Kyle as his adopted son, even if he had been born into the same tribe, or even the same people, rather than an enemy.

“Catching techniques that you guys call the secret arts and so on… … For warriors who have reached the level of masters, it is just an ordinary blow.”

Ohui means the swordsmanship that best embodies the aura.

However, does a being of the level of a Master really need a magic trick?

If you wielded the sword casually, that was the magic trick.

In other words, Wuui was just a technique created by ordinary people who did not become masters in order to imitate their masters.

“It’s too bad. If you had been born with the same blood as me, there would have been one more warrior in our tribe.”

Chantalka said and raised her sword. I must have played with it a lot. It was time to kill him and go back.

Fire-! An aura blooms on the sword made of animal bones. After preparing to kill Kyle for sure, Chantalka looked at Kyle and asked.

“Are you going to leave a will?”

“… … .”

Despite Chantalka’s question, Kyle remained silent and stared blankly into space. Chantalka scratched her cheek, wondering if the taste had gone from the beating.

Kyle was in no state to care about the warrior in front of him. I wasn’t talking about the physical condition. His mental state was the problem.

‘—For Masters, an ordinary blow?’

The remarks of Chantalka, who had just reached the level of Master, became a hint knocking on the wall. Intense intra-brain drugs exploded in Kyle’s head.

Why is an Auror Master a swordsman? Why was there a need for useless swordsmanship training to get the aura out of the body?

The answer is now open.

“Looks like none.”

As Chantalka lowered the sword he was holding—Kyle was still staring at the ground, muttering something.

As he was about to be disappointed that the good warrior’s end was so pitiful, an ice spear flew in from afar and slammed Chantalka’s sword.


There is only one peacock in this land who is strong enough to deflect his own sword. Realizing this, Chantalka jerked her head up and looked at the wall of the large intestine.

The duke, who had climbed over the wall at most, was flying this way to save Kyle’s life.

‘It’s foolish.’

Chantalka left Kyle behind and walked towards the duke. What- I didn’t think that the dying knight could get in his way again.

If you leave me alone, I’ll die anyway. Chantalka, who had passed Kyle with such thoughts, felt a chill run down his spine and quickly ducked to the side.


Looking back with a shocked expression, Chantalka could see that Kyle, whom she had made out of a mop, was standing there.

Leaving aside how he could stand with that body, the momentum radiating from his body was unusual.

“… … Master.”


“Why is the Aura Master a swordsman?”


An aura erupts from Kyle’s sword.

Seeing this, Chantalka’s eyes lit up.

“I found the answer.”

“ha ha ha. ha ha ha-!”

Chantalka laughed heartily and gripped her sword as she watched the great warrior in front of her. A great warrior of the same rank as himself in front, and a great wizard who can kill himself in the back.

In other words, it was an out-of-towner.

“Can I take one?”

After saying that, Chantalka immediately ran towards Kyle. Soon after, sword and sword collided.

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