23. Forgotten Worshipers

I forgot who the culprit was terrorizing the academy territory, but in fact, knowing who the culprit was didn’t change much.

I immediately figured out what I had to do.

“president. The boss, please stay in this building.”

“Uh huh?”

“There are no bombs around here, so once inside you should be safe. Yuri, Aria. Back to the academy.”

“… … You’re going straight back to the academy? Aren’t you saving people?”

Yuri questioned my words, but I shook my head at her words.

“We are still only cadets. It is better to gather together and be led by the professors than to act individually in a situation where you are not trained to save people and do not know what the terrorist’s purpose is.”

“… … Kyle.”

“Why did you even fall for it?”

Saying that and smiling, Yuri shook her head with an expressionless face.

“Surprisingly, you know how to do all these things.”

“ha ha ha! This level is cultured.”

So I took the two of them and left the store. The streets were a mess from the effects of the bombings, and people who were swept away by the terrorism were injured and trembling in fear, or panicking and running at random.

I headed for the academy, rescuing the seriously injured and calmly evacuating the panicked people.


“The situation seems pretty serious… … .”

As we headed towards the academy, the binge continued to be heard. I wondered who the hell would dare to do something like this at the academy.

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No matter how powerful a secret organization is, if the imperial family starts to investigate, they will be robbed.

‘Is the liver swollen?’

If not, then the gains from this terrorism would outweigh the losses from the imperial family’s intervention.

Arriving at the academy with some thoughts in mind, I immediately took Yuri and Aria to the auditorium.

It was because professors and instructors always told us to gather in the auditorium if anything happened. In fact, most of the cadets and instructors were gathered in the auditorium right now.

“It should be safe here.”

After securing the safety of the two, I immediately started looking for a professor or principal who could solve the situation. Unfortunately, Sir Gawain and the two principals did not show up as they had already been dispatched somewhere.

The only thing I can find is the instructor of the Knights Department. The instructor had also swung a sword, but perhaps it was the first time he had experienced something like this.


“Uh, uh. Cadet Kyle. What happened?”

“Why don’t we start by checking the number of people?”

“Ah, ah—a check on the number of people. Come on, let’s sleep! Concentrate everyone!”

Hearing my advice, the instructor, like the other instructors, immediately began to classify the cadets and, using the roll book, began making a list of cadets present and absent.

Shortly after finishing the classification, the instructor bit his lip as he realized that there were quite a few people who were not in the auditorium.

“Instructor? Can I see you too?”

“uh? No, this is between the instructors… … .”


The Aura Master’s momentum naturally dwarfs the opponent, and the shrunken opponent is bound to do the favor without even realizing it. After receiving the list from the instructor, I checked the names of those who were not present.

I could see that there weren’t a lot of people in the Knights, Magic, or Military departments, but I didn’t see Hundred, Arthur, Liber, etc. in the Knights department.

‘This… … .’

As I looked through the list, I realized what the people who were not in the auditorium had in common. It’s just that they’ve been strangely improved over the past few days.

In addition to Liber from the Knights Department, there were names written on Yuri’s lips saying that there were cadets whose skills had improved significantly these days.

The Auror Master’s sharp intuition sounds an alarm bell. Hitting the lack of information with imagination, reasoning with instinct, not reason.



The purpose and perpetrators of terrorists.

After returning the list to the instructor, I immediately left the auditorium.

The glass blocked my way out of the auditorium.

“Kyle, where are you going?”

“I’ll go somewhere for a while.”

“… … Aren’t you coming back injured?”

Hearing Yuri’s question, I smiled and gently hugged her and let her go. Yuri frowned as if he understood my actions roughly.

Afterwards, I ignored the instructors who tried to stop me and left the auditorium, laughing at the dragon flying in the sky in the distance.

“What is that again?”

Behind the dragon, the principal flew along and fired magic at the dragon. I forcibly stopped my spontaneous footsteps toward the dragon, immediately closed my eyes and scattered the aura all over the academy.

‘I want to get the title of dragon hunter too.’

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Now there were more urgent matters than that. I spread the aura throughout the academy and began to sense the presence of everyone in the academy.

Then I started looking for the aura of the one I was looking for.

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Not this, not this, not this… … .

After a fairly long time had passed that made my head throb, I was able to find a very familiar aura.

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Not to mention chastity – an existence with an aura that doesn’t lag behind me in quantity.


After finding Arthur, I headed straight to the place where Arthur was.

* * *

Arthur, who had been training inside the academy for a while, started to get a little nervous when he saw the people who suddenly came to him.

This is because the condition of those who came to visit him was not normal. Both eyes were bloodshot red, and saliva was dripping from the corners of the mouth.

In the middle of them – a man with long, waist-length hair came out in the lead. Arthur took a quick glance at the man’s chest and realized that his name was Damian.

“Arthur. Am I right?”

“By the way… ?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a man… what, is it go with me.”

Damian said that and forced Arthur to follow him. However, Arthur shook his head and held his sword.

“What if you say no?”

“If you really want to get sick.”

Damian lightly beckoned, and those around him started running toward Arthur in an instant. A strong aura was felt in their bodies, which was not inferior to the aura created by Arthur’s heart.

Arthur immediately covered his whole body with an aura. Abnormally overflowing auras strengthened Arthur to a level beyond his own, and Arthur somehow managed to hold on even when surrounded by dozens of Aura users.

“Keugh-! Wake up everyone!”

“Ooh oh oh oh-!”

However, there was a limit to how much it could endure. Arthur couldn’t kill them, and they came swinging their swords as if they didn’t care whether Arthur died or not.

A wooden sword that was not strengthened by an aura could not last very long against an iron sword wielded with an aura-enhanced physical ability, and before long, the wooden sword for training was broken in half.


The moment the wooden sword broke, Arthur let go of the sword and began to beat the cadets with his bare hands. Rather, this was better. The aura-enhanced body passed out the remaining students casually.

Around the time Arthur had managed to knock down nearly ten people—Damian approached Arthur without even noticing and slapped him on the chin.


When the jaw shakes, the head shakes, and when the head shakes, the balance naturally falls. Arthur stumbled and swung his foot, but Damian casually grabbed that foot and walked with the other foot, knocking Arthur over.

Trampling Arthur’s chest with his feet, Damian looked down at Arthur with his hands in his pockets.

“Compared to the overflowing Aura, the skills to deal with it are terrible.”

“Ouch… !”

“That’s proof that you have too much power.”

At those words, Arthur realized the true identity of the man in front of him. Exactly what the man who sent him to the academy told me about. An ancient organization that seeks the dragon’s heart.

“This, the forgotten worshiper… … .”

“Seeing that you know the name, you’ve come to the right place.”

Kuwook-! Damian looked down at Arthur, applying force to the foot that had trampled on him. Damian’s eyes, looking down at Arthur, were glistening with greed.

Feeling the pain that seemed to stop breathing- Arthur glared fiercely at Damian, who was looking down at me. Even if he dies here, he seems to never forget you.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you here. Only after I took that body back and found out how the hell I was able to embed a dragon’s heart into it—”

“What after?”


Damian turned his head and looked in the direction the voice came from. Standing there was Kyle, who was 1.5 times bigger than himself.

Didn’t you notice a man this big coming so close? Damian looked at Kyle in disbelief, then jumped back and away from him.

“… what are you?”

“I am Kyle Meyer.”

Saying so, Kyle lifted Arthur from the floor. Taktak, Kyle brushed off the dust from Arthur’s body and looked at Damian again.

“This guy’s friend.”

“friend? That means you are in the first year.”

“By the way. Are you in the 2nd grade? You were a senior.”

“Ka, Kyle… Be careful. That person—not normal—”

Before Arthur’s warning was over, Damian swung his sword. It reminded him of the fact that among Arthur’s motives, there was only one being who could bring swords into swords with him, and that name wasn’t Kyle Meyer.

Contrary to Damian’s thoughts, however, Kyle took the sword really casually. Since only the same Aura Expert could receive the sword with the aura so easily, Damian’s eyes flashed as if he was surprised.


Arthur, who was watching the scene from behind Kyle, also exclaimed in surprise. Kyle, who continued to receive the sword, reversed his sword towards Damian.

Damian, who was stabbed in an opening he couldn’t have imagined, cut his chest, and immediately grabbed his chest and stepped back.

“… … skills at that age. You must have been blessed with great talent.”

Damian said that and started glaring at Kyle. Kyle shrugged as if he was going to do something. Seeing this, Damian smiled and put his hand in his chest.

After a while, in his hand was a glass bottle full of red berries.

“However, times are changing. It is now an era where talent alone cannot lead.”

Damien said that! I opened the lid and poured the fruit inside into my mouth. Not knowing what he was doing, he tilted his head, and soon after, a red aura emanated from Damien’s body.

A visibly intense aura. Kyle hardened his expression as he watched the aura escape from Damien’s body. Seeing that expression, Damian was very mad.

“hahahaha-! yes. That look!”

Damian, who continued to laugh, focused his aura on the sword. A red aura covers his sword, forming the strongest blade that can cut through anything.

“Oh, Blade?”

Seeing the scene, Arthur sighed in amazement. Apparently, Damien, who was an Aura expert just a moment ago, took the Aura out of his body.

Kyle, who watched the scene from beginning to end, roughly realized the secret, but asked just in case.

“How did you do it?”

“Okay, I’ll let you know as a gift from the underworld. fruit of this life. Anyone who eats Scarlet will have strong vitality. And the overflowing vitality is converted into an aura and radiates out.”

“If it goes on for a long time, it will fall behind.”

Damian’s way of speaking was the same as the way he used the Martial Arts keeper. A method of converting a person’s life force into an aura and using it, a normal person would lose their life within seconds.

I don’t know how he made it, but Damian solved this problem by consuming the fruit full of life force. Of course, it was still very dangerous.

“It will be like that for a long time. But – who the hell is stopping me right here? The principal who went to stop Ah-ryong? A former hero who went to stop the terrorists?”

The only thing that can stop an Aura Master is the same Master.

And—there are two Masters in the academy. Neither of them could have come here because of other events.

That meant that Damian could kill Kyle in an instant and kidnap Arthur without any hindrance.

“Hmm- that’s unnecessarily long. Stop dying now.”

Saying that, Damian approached slowly, holding a sword with a flowing aura blade. Intoxicated with overflowing vitality, he was taking extremely inefficient actions.

Kyle sighed as he saw Damian approaching him. Kyle, who looked around, confirmed that there was no one around here except for Arthur, then turned to Arthur.

“Hey Arthur.”

“Car, Kyle. It’s okay for me, so run away quickly—”

“Don’t tell me where you saw it.”

“Uh huh?”

Ah, I didn’t want to write in a place like this.

Kyle drew his sword and stepped forward.

Before he knew it, a blue aura blade formed on his sword.

“—That’s it.”

“An era where talent alone cannot lead?”

Kyle, who covered half of his face with his Aura Blade, glared at Damian with a grin.

“That must be your lack of talent.”

“You, you-you-how on earth, how many blessings do you need to be satisfied with!”


I never thought about it.

Saying so, Kyle ran towards Damian.

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