24. aura blade

The red flash swallows the blue flash. As if the blue flash would not be inferior to it, he raised his mane and resisted the red flash.

The two flashes, which had been biting and biting each other repeatedly, now returned to each other’s seats and began to sharpen their teeth.

‘It’s not fake.’

The Aura Blade can only be blocked with the Aura Blade. That red aura blade was a real aura blade.

Of course, the density was absurdly low, and the durability wasn’t too long—but it was enough time to finish the fight between the two swordsmen.

“Ha ha, ha ha ha ha! At this stage that many people have not reached, I finally… … !”

Damian salivated from his mouth and looked at his aura blade appreciatively. The look of a madman. Kyle frowned slightly and pointed his sword at him.

“Noisy. You’re not even a kid—don’t go crazy with the blade for that reason.”

“… … That, what?”

Perhaps that one word stimulated Damian’s pride, and an aura more fierce than before began to emanate from the sword.

Kyle knew that that aura was just a foolish act of directly radiating life force.

‘Crazy guy.’

An Aura Master refers to a being who can bring his or her aura out of the body. Aura is the life force itself, if you have to compare it to blood.

What Damian was doing was no different than piercing a hole in his body and pumping blood out of his body. For a very short while, you’ll have the same abilities as the Auror Master, but well.

‘I can’t stay that long anyway.’

It seemed to have increased its duration and reduced its side effects as an unidentified object called the fruit of life, but it was definitely full of disadvantages and side effects.

The strength of an expert-class knight becoming a master-class strongman, albeit momentarily, just swallowed up all the disadvantages and side effects.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! hahahaha! Why, Kyle!”

Damian generously sprayed his life force and pressured Kyle. Kyle, feeling intuition that just holding on like this would be his victory, momentarily thought it was a waste.

Thoughts running through his head—Kyle thought he might have gone mad.

Is it a waste? The opponent was a Master with the same ability as himself, albeit temporarily. An opponent who could even lose his life.

‘… … what a waste.’

Only then did Kyle realize his feelings, stepping back and muttering to Arthur, who fell on the floor.

“Arthur. Run away from here.”

“what? Kyle, I can’t run away leaving you—”

“It’s getting in the way, so get out of here!”

Arthur stiffened when he saw Kyle’s eyes poking at him. Isn’t it like the eyes of a beast that has its prey in front of its eyes?

Arthur, who was shaking, immediately came to his senses and left the place. As if he hadn’t forgotten that catching Arthur was the important thing even when he was intoxicated with life force, Damian immediately rushed to stop him.

Kyle swung his blade at Damian, who was running towards him. A red aura and a blue aura, two aura blades collided, scattering starlight in all directions.

“Get out of the way—! You damn kid!”

“Come to think of it, it’s a waste.”


Chow-! Kyle, who swung his sword and pushed Damian back, couldn’t help but grin.

In front of him, there is an enemy of the same skill level as himself, who could die if he is not careful.

Isn’t this the nemesis he’s been looking for since he was an Auror Expert, an opponent suitable for actual combat?

“If you procrastinate, you can win, but there is no meaning to such a victory.”

There is no need for empty victories. Even if he had to die on the spot, Kyle wanted to cross swords one more time.

After becoming a Master, it was impossible because there was no suitable opponent… … Didn’t the right opponent reveal himself in front of his eyes right now?

“—Come on.”

“ha ha ha- … … I thought he was just a talented kid.”


Damian thought as he looked at Kyle standing in front of him.

I had never seen such a proud article anywhere.

That’s why-.

“It’s Damian Lotos.”

“Kyle Meyer.”

The two instinctively realized that this fight would only end when one of them was defeated.

* * *


Arthur ran away from the training ground and leaned against the wall of the auditorium panting. The instructors who were looking for cadets who had not yet been found around the auditorium saw Arthur running bare-handed and immediately ran to check his condition.

After confirming that his body was covered in blood and sweat, he immediately called the priest and treated Arthur.

“Cadet Arthur, what is this wound about?”

“Ha ha ha- well, so… … .”

Arthur tried to talk about where and what he was suffering so far. But at that moment, my mouth was closed.

He had to break his promise to Kyle in order to explain what had happened to him. Not only that, but he will have to explain why they targeted him, and as a result, he will find out that he has a dragon’s heart embedded in his body.

Looking at Arthur who kept his mouth shut to protect his and Kyle’s secret, the instructors began to brush Arthur, asking what the hell happened.

“Stop it.”

“Go, Professor Gawain!”

If it hadn’t been for Gawain, who had dragged a fainting cadet by his hands from afar——the instructors would have continued interrogating Arthur and finally got the answers they wanted.

Gawain opened his mouth, handing over the cadets caught in his hands to the instructors.

“These guys, tie them up.”

“Yes? Why are the cadets… … .”

“They are terrorists. I don’t know if he enrolled as a cadet from the beginning or if he was seduced later.”

“That, what is that—”

The instructors were taken aback when they heard that a cadet of the great Dyros Academy had participated in the terror, but soon followed Gawain’s words and began arresting the cadets.

It was because, putting aside the truth, I couldn’t doubt the words of Sir Gawain, a professor and legendary hero.

As the instructors restrained the captured cadet, Gawain looked down at Arthur and opened his mouth.

“What happened?”

“… … It’s hard to explain.”

“Are you Kyle?”


Surprised, Arthur opened his eyes wide and looked at Gawain, who grinned and nodded.

“Because I was the first to notice that he was a Master. If it wasn’t for me, that bastard wouldn’t have even passed the academy.”

Recalling Kyle’s written score, Gawain could easily imagine what would have happened to Kyle if he hadn’t been forced to.

I wouldn’t starve to death anywhere like Mastery, but I wouldn’t have been able to pass the academy.

Gawain, who sat down in front of Arthur at eye level, looked at Arthur and opened his mouth.

“If it’s him, you don’t have to worry. As long as the Master doesn’t suddenly fall from the sky, there’s nothing dangerous.”

“No, over there… … .”

“Well, then leave that side alone—Cadet Arthur, you should wait in the ranks over there too.”

“I, Professor… … ?”

“Do you have anything else to say?”

“… … It fell.”

Hearing Arthur’s words, Gawain tilted his head and looked down at the ground. Falling down, what do you mean?

Seeing Gawain not understanding his words, Arthur answered directly.

“That, Kyle is fighting right now… … I am the master.”

“… … what?”

Master isn’t even the name of a local bastard, what is this… … .

Gawain put on a puzzled expression, but soon made up his mind and headed in the direction Arthur pointed.

Although the body was not able to fight due to injuries received during the war, it was enough to protect the young sprout.

* * *

Chaeeng-! Chae Ae-Aeng!

As the Aura fragments that fell off the Aura Blade embroidered the air, Kyle realized that Damian’s swordsmanship was superior to his expectations.

Swordsmanship using the Jagoro Aura Blade is different from general swordsmanship. An invincible sword that can cut through anything it touches cannot be handled like an ordinary sword.

Therefore, aura blade swordsmanship is lighter and more playful than general longsword swordsmanship. It was closer to martial arts than swordsmanship in that there was no need to put weight on it.

Even if someone who is not skilled in swordsmanship knows how to use an aura blade, he will cut himself.


The two waltzed with the sound of the Aurors crackling in the background, realizing that the end of this fight was not too far away.

Damien was the first to reach out. He neatly organized his ignorant waste of aura and focused on one sword.

Kyle, who was dealing with him, also did not scatter miscellaneous auras, but focused only on the sword.

The moment the two focused Aura Blades collided, an explosion like a storm occurred and pushed the two away.

Thrush- Kyle, who had been pushed back, barely stopped, stabbing his sword into the ground. Then he looked at Damian, who was on one knee in the distance.

“Are you okay?”


Looking at Damian coughing up blood from his mouth, Kyle thought, “That’s right.” It made no sense for the Aura Expert to take the Aura out of the body.

If it was a wall that could be jumped over with drugs or fruit, there wouldn’t have been countless swordsmen who could not jump over that wall and died pitifully.

Kyle groaned at Damian, who still couldn’t get up.

“Hold your sword. Damian.”

“Cool, cool!”

“Raise your sword and fight!”

Looking at Kyle who shouted, Damian slowly stood up with his sword. The aura that had burst out like a dam was now showing the bottom.

For Damian, who used to draw life force, this meant that death was not far away.

“… … I envy you. If only I could be like you—”

Damian looked at Kyle as if he was envious, then squeezed his final strength to raise his aura. Seeing this, Kyle ran forward as if satisfied.

Compared to the beginning, it was a weak aura, but it was still an aura blade.

A meeting between Aura Blade and Aura Blade. Kyle pressed down on his weakened aura blade, and slashed Damian’s upper body.

Chow-! The little blood that was left gushed out like a fountain. His vitality, which was already at the bottom, was completely exhausted starting from this injury, and Damian, who had lost all his vitality, lost his life as it was.

“It was fun.”

Kyle put the sharpened sword into the scabbard, and turned and headed towards the auditorium. It had been a long time since the flying dragon had disappeared, and the explosion that resonated throughout the territory had stopped.

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Now everything is over. The first act had a happy ending.

‘It means that there are still a lot of guys like that, and guys stronger than that guy.’

Kyle, slightly trembling at the future he could only imagine, couldn’t stop laughing. On the way to the auditorium with a smile on his face, he spotted Gawain fully armed in the distance.

“Kyle! Are you okay!?”

Gawain came running, making a fuss as if Kyle was his son. After confirming that he was fine by touching his body here and there, Gawain let out a sigh of relief and asked how he was doing.

“What happened?”

“I’ve been fighting terrorists over there.”

“There was a voice saying Master.”

“Oh, what- something similar?”

Seeing Kyle unscathed after fighting against the master, Gawain felt an indescribable emotion.

Did other people feel this way when they saw you?

If I continued to feel this feeling of inferiority, it seemed that I would become senile, so Gawain laughed hahahaha and headed to the place where he and Kyle fought the terrorists.

“… … No, Kyle.”

“Yes, old man.”

“Did you kill him?”


Rather, at the tone that seemed to be about what to do without killing him, Gawain hardened his expression and looked at Kyle.

Kyle shrugged as if there was something wrong.

* * *

“Kyle Meyer, I arrest you for murder.”


I realized it belatedly as I looked at the tightly locked iron door.

‘Oh right.’

It wasn’t supposed to kill people.

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