35. brain play

Gawain Coldster.

A hero of the Empire who subdued a rebellion decades ago.

At that time, due to the injuries and curses that occurred while suppressing the rebellion, it became an inability to show my skills… … His will and skill as a Master never rusted.

“Come on, come on, kid.”

And at this moment—in a virtual world created by magic, Gawain threw away his old, ugly body and regained his prime.

This was the reason why Gawain, who did not have to go that far, asked for his new body.


“Old man, I am old and ill.”

“Ha ha ha, how are you? Think of this old man watching a joke party.”


I can’t emit an aura. It was confirmed right away that Aura Blade could destroy this virtual world as it was.

What he can do is to defeat the opponent with two things: the sword and the body that dwells in the aura. No, in your case, you have to keep hostages and prevent other soldiers from coming, so the difficulty doubles and triples.

‘What a mess this is during the exam.’

If you want to pass, you will ask for it when it is not an exam, but why did you fight like this on the day of the exam? Kyle, who had no intention of getting a failing grade, decided to do his best from the start.

Runs forward and stabs the sword. At this time, the sting in the other person’s eye looks like a very small dot. It was an attack that could not be easily dealt with, but Gawain blocked it as if it were natural.

For masters above a certain level, defense meant exactly the same as attack. As soon as the sword is blocked, a counterattack comes in.

The counterattack of the counterattack, the counterattack of the counterattack of the counterattack continued one after the other, and Kyle realized that this damn inspiration really wanted to kill him.

‘No, sir, please!’

It is a virtual world created by magic. The pain is less than the reality, and there is no problem with dying.

If this were a game, Kyle would have enjoyed this fight and either won or lost. But now it’s not a game. It was definitely a test that had an impact on reality.


The moment he realized that fact, Kyle deliberately created an opening by swinging his sword. It was a gap that was so obvious that it would be called stupid if you didn’t stab it, so Gawain reflexively poked at that gap.

Giving an opening, Kyle was fully aware of where the attack would come from, naturally clinging to him and dodging the attack, sending a headbutt into Gawain’s face.

Ugh-! Despite the sound of a skull crushing his nose, Gawain casually looked down at Kyle and grinned.

“Do you use a lot of tricks?”


And the next moment, Kyle realized that his body had flipped over. Moderately learned but not mastered wrestling.

Unsurprisingly, this aged Auror Master trained to mastery of many other things besides swordsmanship. Wrestling was one of them.

Compared to Gawain, he learned wrestling at a scratch level, but in the midst of trying to somehow escape with the knowledge he learned then— Gawain threw Kyle far away.


There is a feeling of choking and the feeling that all the air in the lungs is escaping. There was no pain, but the shocked body could not stand up straight away.

Gawain warned as he watched Kyle roll on the floor.

“Son. Did you intend to beat me with such a catch?”

“… … The old man is so f*cking strong.”

“Come on with your sword. It’s not an opponent that can be defeated by using catch techniques.”

Raising his sword to cover half of his face, Gawain looked down at Kyle with an honorable knightly expression.

“Even if you beat me, I’ll give you good grades.”

“—You said that from the beginning.”

Hearing that, Kyle threw out all his other thoughts. Yes. This was a fight that didn’t help much in reality.

He came to rescue kidnapped hostages, and in the situation where he infiltrated the enemy’s base, even if he fought for a long time with the enemy master, he would end up being surrounded and captured.

However, not from reality, but from an empirical point of view—fighting between the same Masters is quite helpful. It becomes manure for the future.

“going. old man.”

“I’ve been waiting for you since before. Are you going to dry me to death?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Kyle swung his sword up from the bottom. It was Toryongseom, a Meyer-style ritual that I had learned to swell up all over.

As if this attack couldn’t be flowed lightly like other attacks, Gawain struck the sword hard and blocked Toryongseom.

Then a huge gap appeared. Kyle did what only a young man could do.

wield and wield and wield again

“ha ha ha! stupid boy! Aren’t you thinking about it!?”

Quaang-! Kwaaang-!

Whenever swords collided, an explosion sounded like explosives exploding, and limbs began to vibrate.

The intense apnea exercise deprived the whole body of oxygen, and the frantic running aura started to burn the inside of the body.

However, Kyle never stopped swinging his sword. Gawain, who had laughed a few times and accepted the sword, finally understood Kyle’s intentions and frowned.

‘Are you confident that you can beat an old man with your physical strength?’

It was a virtual world, and he did not expect that Gawain’s body would become what it was in its heyday.

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Not only that, but the arrogance of thinking that he could defeat himself without skill simply by pushing with his physical strength was also annoying.

Gawain, who watched Kyle for a moment while blocking the sword, stabbed the sword as he inhaled. I thought it was the perfect timing to poke a gap in my consciousness, but it wasn’t.

Chae Ae-Aeng!


Kyle swung his sword regardless of whether he breathed in or out. It was common biological knowledge that muscles were weak when breathing in, but Kyle couldn’t find that kind of common sense.

Even when you breathe in, when you exhale, even when your posture is twisted, even when you lose your balance.

Watching Kyle swing his sword with all his might every time, Gawain felt as if the common sense he had learned was collapsing one by one.

‘How on earth?’

Chae Jae-jaeng-!



After receiving the sword for a long time, Gawain realized that his sword had been cut in two. I thought it was ignorant and ridiculous, but Kyle managed to do it.

Yeah, now I’ll have to ask how. Thinking so, Gawain raised both hands and declared surrender.

“port… … .”



Kyle mercilessly swung his sword at Gawain, who put down his sword and declared surrender. After Kyle’s sword cut Gawain’s upper body into G/Wayne, he cut the upper body and lower body into 18 pieces.

When Kyle, who belatedly realized that there was nothing to touch with his sword, looked ahead, only fragments of the corpse remained.

“… … What, when did you die?”

Kyle, who instinctively wielded the sword without hesitation, scratched his head at Gawain, who had died before he knew it.

It’s a virtual world anyway, so there shouldn’t be a big problem, but you’re not going to say something later, right?

‘Oh, please. Being a master… … .’

Thinking so, Kyle grabbed the remaining doll behind him and left the base.

Kill the enemy master.

hostage rescue.

Victim 0 in the process.

The operation was a complete success.

* * *

“… … Hey, did you do that on purpose?”

“Ah, old man. Are you upset?”

After all the exams were over, waiting in the waiting room for the other cadets to finish their exams, I burst out laughing hahahaha as I greeted Gawain who came to visit me.

He was frowning at himself as if he could do that, but since he couldn’t even remember how he died, it seemed to be nothing but the salve of an old man with a bad personality.

“Yes, does this old man have anything to save face now? If you want to be angry, get angry, and if you want to be angry, get angry. You live as you want.”

“Wow… … You live like a true master.”

When I burst out exclamation, Gawain, not understanding whether this was a compliment or a sarcasm, looked at me with a tilt of his head.

But that was for a while- he coughed and sighed, and decided to ask what he was curious about so much that he came here like this and made a fuss.

“—Hey, that last one. How did you do it?”


“I swung my sword ignorantly. It was practically impossible.”

“Ah, is that it?”

Realizing what he was talking about, I tapped my head and spoke.

“I used my hair.”

“… … Do you use your hair?”


I kindly began to explain to Gawain, who was staring at me with his eyes wide open, as if asking what he was talking about.

“Superhuman strength in a fire situation. What, do you know something like this?”

“Ah, I’ve heard of it. A woman trying to save a child from being crushed by a wagon showed great strength. What is this?”

“you’re right. How do you think that will turn out?”

“Well, it’s okay if you get into a dangerous situation.”


The human body does not generate electricity. No, it doesn’t exactly generate power. This is because the power that goes beyond the limits even destroys one’s own body.

Thus, there is always a limit on the human body, which is only temporarily released when life is in danger or for something more precious than one’s own life.

“And it’s this head that controls those limits.”

“… … I heard that, what does that have to do with using your brain?”

“Ah, since it’s a virtual world, I won’t die anyway, so I tortured my brain with an aura and released the limit.”

“… … what?”

Looking up at Gawain, who looked down at me in bewilderment, I shrugged.

why? what? It’s okay to wear your head

He looked at me as if he couldn’t understand until the end, then left the waiting room with a big smile.

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