5. Dalian

Aura. A skill used by knights.

Even gifted squire take a considerable amount of time to realize their Aurors.

It is a force that does not exist inside the body in the first place. It is absurd to create it only by breathing and then feel it. Humans can’t even feel the flow of blood flowing through their bodies.

If you manage to somehow manage to sense the presence of the aura, you should be able to move this aura freely from then on.

This is as difficult as manipulating the heartbeat or controlling blood flow.

Seeds that have gone through this process become Aura Users only then.

‘Actually, it’s hard to be a great Auror user… … .’

Breathing techniques that can create auras, and the talent to feel and move those auras. An environment where you can only train without any production for weeks or months.

It wasn’t that easy to have all of this.

Even if I searched all the knights of the family for no reason, the number of expert-level knights was not in the single digits. In the midst of that, I, who had just entered Aura, reached Expert.

‘It’s nonsense.’

If the Count had not seen it with his own eyes but had heard it through the mouths of others, he would never have believed it.

My son, he saw himself rise to the level of an expert, so he believed.

“Looking at you now, I don’t think I have anything to advise you about Aurors.”

The Count said that and looked down at me. Heck, I wouldn’t be able to give advice on how to deal with an aura to a genius who succeeded in transferring the aura from day one to something other than the body.

Although the amount of error is a bit lacking, it is only a matter of time.

Deciding to go over the aura, the count took out a wooden sword hanging on the wall and held it.

“So, I’ll teach you swordsmanship.”

“Five! finally!”

Family arcane swordsmanship.

At the words of learning this, I gazed at the count, full of anticipation.

Sensing their gaze, the Count grinned and swung his sword in an instant.

The wind pressure raged—it came rushing in and obscured my vision. Blinking my eyes and chewing on what I had seen, I suddenly came to my senses at the Count’s words.

“—End with this.”

The count, who had demonstrated all of the arcane swordsmanship that is not disclosed to anyone except the direct lineage of the Mayer family, looked at me as he bent his sword.

“How are you? Can you follow me?”

“… I can follow you.”

I took the wooden sword by my side and followed the arcane swordsmanship the Count had shown me.

One technique is to hit the ground by swishing upwards as if scratching the ground.

One technique is to jump forward with the sword held high above your head and slash the sword as if attacking.

Stabbing and slashing, which seemed meaningless, one by one.

“What arcane swordsmanship is this?”

Traditionally, vision refers to a special move that can defeat an enemy at once, an attack by a super dog that is inevitable if you see it for the first time, or minute movements of your fingers and toes.

However, what the Count had just shown was not included in any of the cases.

‘It’s not like the strongest swordsmanship that an elementary school student thought… … .’

Is there any way that an attack that useslessly destroys one’s stance will work? Contrary to my thoughts, however, the count grinned and told me about the secret of the vision.

“Actually, appearances are not very important. The most important thing in arcane swordsmanship is how to use your aura.”

“How to operate Aura… ?”

“yes. It’s to put an aura in swordsmanship. don’t show me.”

Having said that, the count sent me farther back and reproduced the techniques he showed me earlier.

Unlike the previous swordsmanship, which was close to Bungzibungzi, the arcane swordsmanship with aura seemed to fit well with the word secret swordsmanship.

“Meal 1. Toryongseom 土龍閃.”

Type 1, which seemed to scoop up soil from the ground, turned the ground upside down and fired soil at the enemy like a cannonball.

“Meal 2, lion dance 獅子 dance.”

The foolish swordsmanship of leaping forward and swinging the sword embodies the dignity of the king of beasts, tearing the enemy to shreds in an instant.

“Three meals. Cutting nameless and nameless.”

The nameless magic trick showed terrible power that cut down everything it touched.

In an instant, the Count, who had overused his clothes three times, looked at me while wiping away sweat.

“How are you? Can you follow me?”

For some reason, the Count’s face, as he said that, seemed bigger than before.

I fell in love with the sword at this moment.

Five years had passed since I started learning the sword.

* * *

My morning routine is very monotonous.

Usually, he learned the sword from the count, and when the count was away from the estate, he sparred with Sir Leon or wielded the sword alone.

I realized this while learning Aura, but it was foolish to stay away from strength training because it could stop my growth.

This is because the other world is a fantasy in a game, and like a fantasy, there are many things that do not exist in reality.

The potion was one of my favorite items. This is because it was possible to super-recover the muscles by destroying them and drinking the potion.

“Nine hundred and ninety-eight, nine hundred and ninety-nine, one thousand… !”

After completing my daily routine and swinging a thousand times, I went straight to Sir Leon while checking my body.

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Now that the count had vacated the manor, after the self-training was over, it was time for a sparring with Leon.

When I left the direct line-only training ground and headed to the parade ground, I saw Sir Leon training with soldiers and knights.

“Sir Leon.”

“Ah, Bocchan. Are you here?”

As soon as Sir Leon, who had been teaching the knights diligently, heard my voice, he entrusted the training to another senior knight and approached me.

We headed to my exclusive training ground out of sight of others. When Sir Leon arrived at the training ground, he opened his mouth looking at the sweat marks left on the floor.

“Have you finished your morning training?”


“okay. I was just about to get hot.”

Sir Leon immediately took out his sword. He couldn’t point a real sword at the direct successor of the family he served, so even though it was still a wooden sword—

Even a wooden sword became a sufficiently threatening weapon for a person with that level of skill. I grabbed the wooden sword I was now accustomed to and confronted him.

“Rules as usual.”

“Don’t use auras- I get it.”

As soon as the conversation ended, I exchanged swords with Sir Leon. There was always a smile on Sir Leon’s face as he took my sword.

I hated that laugh. I hoped that he would break his smile and show his sincerity.


“hahahaha, Bocchan. It’s awkward. Clumsy-!”

He had never beaten Sir Leon before. Wouldn’t it be known if Aura or Arcane Swordsmanship were used, aren’t they both sealed couples?

If you can’t use an aura or arcane swordsmanship, then all you have left is a trained body and accumulated swordsmanship.

Of course, there was no way I could beat Sir Leon after only 5 years of training.

He is the Chief Senior Engineer. He was the leader of the Knights of Mayer, and he was a genius knight who had trained his body and swordsmanship for decades.

“I’m going to stab you!”

At the same time as Sir Leon’s warning, a sharp wooden sword aims at my throat and stabs me. He knew how to respond to a sting. I practiced with this body thousands of times.

The effect of his efforts paid off, and he succeeded in removing the stabbing that the tip of the sword couldn’t even see properly. but that’s it. I couldn’t go any further.

Before I knew it, the wooden sword pointed at me stopped in front of me.

“I won again.”

The moment I counterattacked by clearing the sting, Sir Leon used a counterattack to counter the counterattack. I knew the counterattack technique, but I was a step behind because I wasn’t accustomed to it.

lost thanks I glared at Sir Leon while bending my sword with an expression full of regret.

“… If I were a little older, I would have won.”

“Maybe it was. But, Bocchan. Please remember this.”

─The enemy does not wait for the young master.

“If I had grown taller than I am now, if I had stronger strength, if I had trained my swordsmanship more——all of these assumptions are meaningless.”

If your opponent is faster than you, you just have to anticipate their movements.

If the enemy’s strength is strong, you can fight with skill, not strength.

If the technology is excellent, it is enough to make the technology unusable.

The weak are not always defeated by the strong.

Above all, knights are those who have trained on a daily basis and occupy the position of the strong.

“As much as the sweat shed today, there is less blood to be shed on the battlefield. Be diligent. young master.”

“… … okay. Got it.”

“—I said, but the young master is not weak either. Rather, it belongs to the strong side.”

“I’m strong, I’ve never won.”

At those words, Sir Leon burst into laughter. He laughed heartily, then stopped laughing and started stroking my chin.

“Hmm, well, losing forever can be a bad habit.”

Sir Leon looked down at me and his eyes lit up. It was the look he often sees when he is contemplating something while looking at me.

I called it gay mode.

Sir Leon in Gay Mode asked me.

“Boss, do you have any plans to compete with the knights?”

* * *

Among the knights, the greatest interest was in martial arts. who is stronger who fights better How can I fight better?

And—in the former sword family, the Mayer family, even the direct successor couldn’t escape their interests.

-How strong is Master Kyle?

This theme hovered among the articles. This is because the story about Kyle is only rumored, and no one has ever directly confirmed it.

Even if you ask Leon, the only knight in contact with Kyle, he only grinned and spit out one word.

‘It’s the future swordsman.’

It was so absurd that the knights thought that Leon was only talking about mouth-watering words to buy the count’s favor.

Of course, some knights who knew that Leon was not that kind of person refuted that statement, and in the end, only curiosity about the level of skill and talent of Kyle increased day by day.

And finally— Kyle appeared in front of them.

“This is Master Kyle. Everyone knows this, but… He said he came to see the skill of our knights today.”

“… … Do you see the skill of the Knights?”

“He said he would try sparring himself.”

Upon hearing Leon’s words, the knights realized what that meant. Kyle checks the knights’ skills. On the contrary, it also meant that the Knights could figure out Kyle’s skills.

I was finally able to find out how much of the gemstone the Count and Leon had been hiding. The knights clasped and opened their hands in anticipation and looked at Leon and Kyle alternately.

Leon looked at those knights and smiled.

“Victor? Will you show me first?”

“yep! All right!”

At Leon’s words, the 15-year-old knight apprentice raised his hand. It has been seven years since he lived as a servant dreaming of becoming a knight.

He has been learning the sword for two years longer than Kyle, and is five years older than him. If you are a grown adult, the wall at the age of 5 is quite a big wall among teenage boys.

There is a physical difference that is impossible to overcome unless you have a fair amount of talent. Viktor stepped forward and stood in front of Kyle holding his sword.

“The rules are simple. Don’t write aurors. Don’t seriously hurt the other person.”


“All right.”

Upon hearing the conditions, Viktor foretold his victory. Don’t use aurors? Then, all that was left was a trained body and swordsmanship.

In the meantime, this young master’s body looked less than half of his own. No matter how hard you train, you’re still just a 10-year-old kid.

But can he surpass himself with swordsmanship? He had no choice but to shake his head.

He has already been practicing the sword for over 7 years. There’s no way that a 10-year-old boy has wielded a sword since he was 3 years old, so his experience is unconditionally lower than his own.

‘This is an opportunity, a chance to look good to seniors… … .’

“Okay then—start!”

At the same time as Leon’s command, Viktor thrust out his sword. At the same time as the start, a poor move aimed at the enemy’s gap.

Since it was a surprise attack that beginners would have no choice but to take, Kyle did not show any reaction as he watched the sword flying towards him.

As expected— how many sparrings must this young master have done?

Viktor thought so, but before he knew it, he realized that he was looking at the sky.

“… … uh?”


Belatedly, the shock of changing the heavens and the earth strikes. Without knowing what had happened to him, Viktor passed out.

“Are there any more?”

Kyle, who had neutralized Viktor in a matter of seconds, walked forward wriggling his wooden sword.

Seeing that figure, countless knights began to light up their eyes at the same time.

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