50. bet

Academy’s Strongest Tournament.

As the name suggests, it was a tournament to determine the strongest.

This was a tournament where only ‘force’ was competed completely apart from the results of the academy, so for some cadets, it was more important than grades.

In territories where battles and wars are frequent, there are even places where the results of this tournament are evaluated more highly than the results of the academy.

Scouts from each territory even come to see only this tournament.

Ahead of such a tournament, Kyle is frustrated.

“Ah—I want to participate. I want to participate and break all the kids.”

This is because Gawain, knowing that he is an Auror Master, did not accept the application to participate. In fact, he knew too. The fact that this kind of tournament is an event for cadets.

That a mutant like you shouldn’t get involved and mess with it. I know it very well in my head.

However, human beings cannot always act rationally.

‘I want to go out.’

At least I want to ride the goods there. Gawain said it was an insignificant product for Master, but he couldn’t stand his curiosity.

Kyle, who was moaning while covering his head, jumped up as if he had a good idea.

That’s right, if I can’t go out——you can act as a substitute. And just in time, there was a girl who could fully accept his teachings.

Kyle immediately went to see her.

* * *

“… … You want me to go to the tournament?”


“No, I’m still a user, and I’m not very good at swordsmanship.”

“Do not worry about it. I will teach you.”

Arthur scratched his cheek and looked at me. At first, they couldn’t understand that I was teaching them or asking them to participate in the tournament.

However, after hearing what followed, she seemed to understand why I was making this suggestion.

“And the goods are half things.”

“ah… … Was that your purpose from the start?”


“Ahahahaha, no. yes. I am fine.”

She did not refuse my offer to teach her. It was fortunate. It wasn’t easy to find a person with full potential like her who was eager to compete in the tournament.

As a commoner, she had to make a name for herself in tournaments, and she had the skills to do so. More precisely, rather than skill… … .

‘The dragon’s heart.’

The one stuck in Arthur’s chest. A power source that enables the person who can’t use magic to maintain the magic semi-permanently.

The reason why I chose Arthur, who was just a user for Aura.

The reason why she bet that she will be able to beat all the other expert cadets in the tournament and win.

“—Then, let’s start by learning how to put aura on things first.”

“what? No, I just said it’s impossible… … .”

“No, it is possible.”

I looked at Arthur with twinkling eyes.

From now on, nothing is impossible here.

“Aye! No objections! I don’t even think! Just do as you are told!”

“Ka, Kyle?”

“The answer is unification with evil!”

“Ah, evil!”

“great. let’s go.”

Arthur wins. That was the only thought.

* * *

Aura is an energy source similar to the user’s blood.

It is natural for blood to flow through one’s body. Anyone can easily do it.

But, what about pouring blood into something else in your hand, or draining it out of your body? It is extremely difficult. Very few people say it’s possible, and almost everyone says it’s impossible.

But here—there are people who have devoted their lives to getting their aura out of their bodies and managed to do just that.

People call them masters.

“That’s what people misunderstand. To believe that if you train your aura, you can bring it out of your body.”

“… … Nope?”

“no. The aura is a secondary element, not a major element in itself.”

Of course, in order to properly deal with Auras, it is important to first recognize the existence of Auras. It is necessary to recognize the aura flowing inside one’s body and make an effort to manipulate it.

But to go beyond that? It is not enough to simply train the Aurors. Learn and practice swords, spears, bows, and fists.

If you do that, you will naturally be able to shed your aura other than your body. It’s the level of an expert, and if you jump over that level, you can take out the aura out of your body, so it’s called a master.

“However, these are the stories of ordinary people. Arthur, you are different.”

But this is the story of ordinary people, not the story of Arthur who put the heart of the dragon in his chest. She is a car with an engine as big as her size. It has a large engine that can fly through the sky if you attach wings to it.

There is no need to teach such a being how to run on the ground normally like the others.

“You deal with Auror itself. fence? You don’t need to learn anything like that. I’m going to smash everything with only aura, aura.”

“no… … Can I do that?”

“You can do that. You have this.”

Saying that, Kyle stabbed Arthur in the chest. Surprised, Arthur realized belatedly that he was now in male form and glanced at Kyle.

In fact, Kyle tilted his head and looked at her as if there was something wrong. Arthur shook his head, saying it was nothing.

“So, so- how do you win without learning swordsmanship?”


“… … wrong?”

“Yes, Oh.”

“I don’t know any ulterior motives.”

Kyle smiled and looked at Arthur. Arthur, who saw that smile, looked at Kyle as if he could roughly guess it and began to open his eyes.

“—I just need to make something.”

A girl with a master and a dragon’s heart.

With these two combinations, nothing is impossible.

* * *

Kyle, who was returning to the dormitory after training Arthur, encountered Hundred blocking his way. Even when he tried to sneak past, Hundred suddenly blocked Kyle’s path.


“Kyle Meyer.”

Blocking Kyle’s path, he looked down at Kyle with both eyes burning.

“This tournament is a win.”

“I’m not going to this tournament.”

“… … what? why not!?”

“Ah, I’m too strong—— can’t I get involved in kids’ fights?”

He was merely relaying what he had heard from Gawain, but Hundred suddenly raised his voice, perhaps thinking that Kyle was making fun of him.

“Ha ha ha- yes. Are you scared? Are you afraid to fight me?”

“It’s true.”

“If you thought you would be fooled by such a ridiculous excuse, you are welcome. You coward.”

“No, why should I be afraid of you? ——You are weak.”

“—This son of a bitch!”

Hwiik- Hundred, who was about to reach out to grab the collar, hesitated when he recalled the memory of being hit while trying to reach out like that a while ago.

If I had come a little closer, I would have overpowered him. Kyle grinned as he watched the Hundred stop at a precarious position.

“Are you scared?”

“Jjoo, who’s scared… … .”

“Tournament, I’m not going—there’s someone going instead of me.”

Kyle said that and put Arthur’s name in his mouth. Hearing her name, Hundred looked at Kyle in disbelief.

“… … Are you really not coming out?”

“I told you. I’m too strong to go out.”

“What is that… … .”

“Anyway, that’s why. If you beat Arthur, I’ll admit that I won.”

“—Ha, fellow Arthur. Aren’t you just an Aura user? Do you really think he can beat me?”

Hundred considered that no matter how strong Kyle was, teaching others was another matter. It was because the talent needed to be strong as a knight and the talent needed to teach others were completely different.

Even if he admitted that Kyle was a genius, Hundred, who couldn’t admit that he was good at teaching others, burst into laughter.

“Then—if I beat him, can I just say I beat you?”

“Oh, if I win, rumors will spread that you’ve lost without a hand. Are you fine?”

“That can’t be the case – do you think I’m going to get beaten by a user?”

He said that and quickly disappeared somewhere. Watching the back of the Hundred recede, Kyle didn’t head to the dorm, but returned to Arthur, who was training at the trainer.

I thought of a skill to teach her.

* * *

on the day of the tournament.

A day when countless spectators and scouts from each territory gather.

Lucky or unlucky, Arthur faced the Hundred from the first match.

Hundred smiled and looked at Arthur.

“Today, there is a reason I cannot lose.”


“Look over there. This is the mercenary group I belonged to before entering the academy. I’m here to congratulate you on my victory today.”

“Uh huh?”

“And above all, I even made a bet with Kyle Meyer himself, who taught you. The reason I lose is 0%.”

After hearing his story, Arthur scratched his cheek and asked again.

“… … Is that- is it your intention to buy sympathy and make me lose?”

“what? What nonsense.”

“Oh, it wasn’t. yes. okay. You are a subject similar to Kyle.”

Arthur let out a sigh of relief and immediately grabbed the hilt of his sword and waited for the signal to start the match. After a while, the drum sounded and Arthur faced the Hundred charging towards him.

‘Arthur, don’t move from your place. The other party will come first anyway.’

Kyle’s teachings come to mind. Then, the body moves directly according to the instructions.

Meyer-type dog change



Arthur’s sword, which was swung like lightning, shattered the arena and knocked out the Hundred with a single blow.

Momentarily, silence descends inside the arena.

“S, the winner- Arthur!”

After the referee’s command went down, cheers filled Arthur.

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