The Rumored Second Son

The Rumored Second Son


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[Highlight reminder] ABO text, Alpha has organs, don’t enter if you don’t like it! ! ! ! ! !

The rumored second son of the Guan family was a dude who was known to everyone in Chang’an City. He was born prominently and inherited hundreds of millions of fortunes. He was the next head of the Guan family.
Guan Yunyu, who became a top Alpha at the age of eighteen, hid her identity from everyone, only wanted to be an ordinary little beta, and didn’t want to inherit billions of dollars.
The ambition is to leave the Guan family, to be a rich generation, whoever wants to be a rich second generation!
To become the richest man in Chang’an City, to be the number one prodigal son in Chang’an City, to be a free-spirited little bird without feet, to be happy and happy.
But the matter was wishful, and she had no intention of saving the present His Majesty, but she broke through her identity, and then embarked on a road of no return, with constant slaps in the face.
Before I met Gao Yingmin
Guan Yunyu: Who wants to do this AO thing!
Guan Yunyu: Feelings are so vulgar! Talk about money!
After meeting Gao Yingmin
Guan Yunyu: Your Majesty, I heard that the treasury is in short supply recently?
Guan Yunyu: How about I donate another one hundred thousand taels? What do you think?
Guan Yunyu: How boring is it to make money if you don’t spend it on your daughter-in-law!

Everyone, don’t swear by the words, just look at the pictures and enjoy the text, the ancient style of writing, follow the path of modern writing~ Don’t pay attention to writing~
Superficially slutty and pure heart attack x Bingshan abstinence subject

ABO private setting:
At the age of eighteen, experience the first differentiation, and then experience the second differentiation.. the grade will be stronger
Ambergris is a forbidden fragrance, a pheromone that no one can smell, except Guan Yunyu
Top-level Omega can be marked Alpha, but also Omega, beta…
Then there are those who have ABO, can have children, and those who have Alpha…

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One-sentence introduction: I just want to be the second son of beta in peace
Conception: to correct the evil and return to the righteous, the second son of the sun all the way


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