Traveling To The Last Days To Protect You

Traveling To The Last Days To Protect You


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Lin Tantan was a die-hard fan of Ye Xiao, the most powerful person in the apocalypse. After her death, she went to the beginning of the apocalypse more than three hundred years ago. Her first wish was to protect Ye Xiao and his team, who were still relatively weak at this time, so that he would not go back to the original path of his teammates dying, and finally blowing himself up among the zombies.

Of course, to love someone is to love his CP together. Her second wish is to focus on protecting Ye Xiao’s vice-captain, so that these two lovers can open their hearts to each other bravely, and spend a happy life together. No more regrets.

Ye Xiao found that whenever he talked to Old Bai, that very powerful but also a little weird little girl always looked at them and smiled like an aunt. So, what was she laughing at?

After a long time, Ye Xiao blocked the little girl in a corner, kissed her forehead, and successfully saw the little girl instantly turned into a screaming chicken, and laughed in a low voice: “Who told you that Old Bai and I are a couple?”

Lin Tantan: “!!!”

What should I do if I want to fall in love with my idol?

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